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infra red power and building services

INFRA-RED BUILDING & POWER SERVICE is a full service, independent electrical testing company serving the needs of Telecommunications companies, Universities, Colleges, Governmental agencies, Hospitals, Property Management Companies, Electrical Contractors, Utilities, Commercial and industrial facilities since 1990. We are a full member of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) and perform all testing per NETA published specifications.

INFRA-RED uses up-to-date technologies and instruments calibrated to industry standards in order to provide our clientele with accurate and cost effective preventative maintenance. We offer our services not only for your pre planned maintenance and upgrade projects, but also for emergency situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you need acceptance testing and preventative maintenance of equipment including UPS, ATS, SWGR, BRKRs or power quality equipment INFRA-RED BUILDING & POWER SERVICE is the one and only call you need to make. We also provide a complete array Emergency Services, Replacement Equipment, Emergency/Standby Generation, and Equipment Upgrades. We believe the safe and efficient performance of your electrical system is critical to the safety of your personnel and to meeting the bottom line. You can trust INFRA-RED BUILDING & POWER SERVICE to keep your business up and running, so the customers who rely on your business satisfied.